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Gold Mining Process

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According to the structure state and gold content of gold, Gold deposits of mineral can be divided into gold mineral, gold-bearing minerals and gold carrying minerals in three broad categories.

CIP and flotation is commonly used in gold mining process. Most of the gold deposits are using the above method to extract gold, therefore we have made a lot of improvement on mineral processing technology and processing equipment.

The most common mineral processing equipment: crushers, ball mill and screening,etc.Reasonable mineral processing technology and mineral processing equipment will help improve efficiency and protect the environment.Specific models of mineral processing equipment need to be selected according to the actual situation.......more>>

Mineral Processing News

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Gold mining process in the practical application in industrial production2015-12-26

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Growth of global gold mine2015-12-18

Improve the level of mineral processing technology and work in prospecting and exploration of new gold mining process and mineral processing equipment, based on depth metallogenic prediction...more>>

Gold Cyaniding mineral processing technology2015-12-12

Our country has begun to use cyaniding technology in the early 30's. Taiwan Chinkuashih gold in the period from 1936 to 1938, the extraction of gold cyanidation zinc dust replacement, with a...more>>